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One on One Coaching - Four Session Package

Four customized 60-minute coaching sessions. Includes brief between-session check-in by email or via scheduled between-session calls of 15 minutes or less.

Visualize Your Life

From colorful confusion to clarity; from uncertainty to confidence; from feeling stuck to taking action.

Using the carefully crafted VisualsSpeak images helps integrates your intuition and creativity with analytic thinking. You discover your own keys to change. I guide you in the process, helping you create open-ended clarifying questions a written guide to exploring the image collage you create. This package includes a written guide and one 45-minute call to help you go deeper with what you're discovering.

Steps in the Visualize Your Life Process

1. A 30-minute call to identify goals and develop an open-ended question to explore.
2. Use the online Image Center to create a collage in response to your question.
3. Explore the collage, with the aid of the provided Guide to Understanding Your Collage.
4. A 60-minute call to deepen the discoveries and identify next steps.

Investment: $200. Benefit: Move from "colorful confusion" to clarity. Deepened self-understanding and an initial plan that helps you identify next steps in your journey.

Purpose Clarity Intensive

What is my purpose? 
What is my direction? 
What is most important?
 What do I want?

The Purpose Clarity Intensive converts your passions and interests into core purpose, clear vision and focused action.

At one time or another, we all search to discover the sense of purpose that engages us in our life and our work.

(Re)discovering your purpose doesn’t have to be lonely work.

Finding the answers together makes the journey fun, inspiring and productive.
The five-part Purpose Clarity process:
1. Preparing the Way.
2. Brainstorming
3. Synthesizing
5. Looking Ahead

Purpose Clarity Participant Workbook included.

Benefits: Identify your own definitions of success and life purpose. Describe your own life purpose. Increase appreciation of what brings you joy. Identify and claim your own skills and interests. Link your purpose, skills, interests and deep happiness to the world's deep needs. Develop a plan outlining next steps.

The Write Way to Well-Being - One-on-One

Writing deeply, honestly and from the heart strengthens health, happiness, well-being and resilience. This program, available for individuals and groups, provides the safe space and support you need so you can relax and focus on your writing. No special writing skills or prior writing experience is needed. Your writing is never shared. We discuss the writing process and what you learn from it; the writing remains private. Each of the five sessions includes is shaped to your questions and interests.


1. Expressive Writing: making meaning of past, emotionally disruptive events. Honestly expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings about a difficult event that to some extent is still with you makes room for you to shift perspective, make meaning and integrate the experience into the ongoing story of your life.
2. Affirmative Writing: identifying and claiming your skills and talents helps you recognize, claim and decide how to use the gifts you have to offer the world.
3. Transactional Writing: expressing important messages in letter form, as if you were going to send that letter, offers a powerful way to find forgiveness, express gratitude, compassion or empathy for self or another.
4. Poetic Writing: use the form of an existing poem to allow you to express something important to you using the metaphors and imagery of poetry. Even those of us who aren’t poets are able to do this and learn from it.
5. Legacy Writing: identify and express the key experiences, core values, beliefs, goals and dreams that make you who you are. Offer your blessings to others, and express the impact you wish your life to have.

Includes: 5 1-hour sessions and The Write Way to Well-Being: Guide and Workbook.

Let's Get UnBusy Intensive

In a world of nonstop urgency, how do you find time for what matters most? My signature process helps you shift from reacting to others' urgent demands and priorities to making choices based on what's important to you. You'll even find a place on your priority list for self-renewal.

Let's Get UnBusy takes you from overwhelmed to in control.

Steps in my signature Let's Get UnBusy process:

1.Deepening Awareness

2. Clarifying

3.Expanding Possibility

4.Creative Planning

5. Moving Forward.

Investment: $800. You receive: Five hours of creative, individualized coaching; support, inspiration and motivation; between-session email or phone check-in; and between session exercises and worksheets that won't take up too much of your time!

A Gift of Caring

A gift of caring, perfect for someone who does all the giving. Help a service-centered professional to give themselves a priority spot on their own to-do list!

Would you like a certificate in a different amount? Contact me with your request.